All About Us

As industry leaders since our founding in 2009, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing products of the highest quality to reknown brands worldwide and boutique Italian firms . We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards. 

We aim to become the number one contact for quality apparel worldwide and move to a tripple bottom line business model in the near future, supporting our clients, our society and our planet to flourish. 


Worldwide Shipping

Priority: on-time. No matter what, your shipment is guaranteed to be timely.

Complex Features

We welcome critical items, rich in embroidery, patchwork and a wide range of other special features.

24/7 Customer Service

No borders or time zones can stop us from being there for our customers.

Secure Transactions

All transations are done between banks of parties involved, protected and secured.

Small Quantity

We accept a minim order of 1200 pcs per article.


Our CEO personally deals with all our customers and remains involved throughout the process, monitoring the assigned merchandizer.


Meet the Team

Sara Fashionwear is a family owned business. The family's permanent residency is in Italy where they have nourished and grown an impressive network in the fashion industry over the years. This international heritage of the managing team, and most of all of our CEO, Mr. Abu, largely shaped our organization's vision and is reflected in the way we establish and maintain our relationships with our customers. 

This is a key element that separates the excellence of Sara Fashionwear from the rest, in Bangladesh. 


Rokhsana Akhter


Our Madam Chairman is an inanctive but important component of the managing team, with solid knowledge of the fashion industry.

Henry Abu


Founder and leader of our company, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abu is involved in every company operation, thanks to his wide range of knowledge and expertise in the industry that varies from materials to accouting and marketing. Over the 40 years he has lived in Italy he acquired and nourished a true passion for the textile sector and  has grown an impressive network in the fashion industry. 
It is thanks to this determined and ambitious personality and the priceless expertise collected over the years that Sara Fashion can guarantee excellence to its customers. 
Because we prioritize customer relationships, Mr. Abu is the first contact point of every interaction between us and our clients.

Sara Abu


Ms. Abu has recently joined the family business as Chief Marketing Officer in response to the recent COVID-19 crisis that highlighted the urgency of expanding our customer portofolio worldwide. 

Ms. Abu holds an outstanding higher level education, with a BSc in Economics & Management from Universitá Commerciale L. Bocconi and a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School. 

She is leading business development projects in every continent, hoping to establish new strong relationships with potential clients who we believe will benefit from our prime quality product selection.


Merchandising Team

Our merchandising team is the core of all that is Sara Fashionwear.

Each of them have been trained by the company from the beginning of their career and have been taught the Sara Fashion way of work: uphold all commitments made to our clients, details are important... and check, check and double check. 
They are the keepers of our customer's trust in our quality and time-commitments.
Take a few minutes to learn more about our team below.


Abdur Rahim

Senior Merchandiser

Since joining Sara Fashionwear Ltd., Rahim has played a crucial role in the continued success of the company. He presents an exceptional skill set, true passion and precision that has supported massive growth over the years. He is in charge of the most complex orders we receive, such as U.S. Polo Assn.


Shafin Ahmed

Senior Merchandiser

A motivated, results-oriented collaborator who has been part of the Sara Fashionwear family since the very beginning and has since then thrived in the company. Shafin is responsible for many of our most prized customers, among which Sergio Tacchini and the production for the Monte Carlo Rolex Master Tennis Tournament.

Abu Bakkar

Senior Merchandiser

Bakkar is an essential part of the team, and has been with Sara Fashionwear Ltd. since the very beginning, quickly earning promotions to Senior level. Over time he has ensured that countless clients receive exactly what they need and are completely satisfied.


Ariful Islam


A well-rounded and capable asset to our office. Has been trained to master the most technical skills from the inception of his career at Sara Fashionwear, where he demonstrated quality and precision in his work.


Smrity Sarkar

Junior Merchandiser

Smrity was the most recent addition to our office and since the very beginning has demonstrated outstanding performance at work. Her organizational skills and attention to detail is remarkable and ensure that our clients receive products of the highest standards.


Rasel Parvez

Junior Merchandiser

Rasel is an excellent merchandiser in training that has shown good quality work. He is quick and precise. He actively follows up on high category client folders and learns fast.

Md Rayhan

Junior Merchandiser

Raihan is a promising Merchandizer in trianing with true passion for his work and meticulous attention to detail, a fundamental skill in this line of work.


Shariful Islam

Junior Merchandiser

Shariful has been with Sara Fashionwear since the beginning of his career and is developing high quality merchandising skills.


AL Miraj

Junior Merchandiser

Miraj is a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, always on time with deliverables and careful to details.


Mehedi Hassan

Junior Merchandiser

Mehedi has been thriving since joining Sara Fashionwear, developing all the fundamental skills required to become an excellent merchandiser.

Robin Foysal

Chief Quality Manager

Since joining Sara Fashionwear, Robin has developed high standards skills and has obtained a number of certifications in support of his expertise.


Habibul Rahman

IT Manager and Graphic Designer

Habibul is an essential part of the team and a fundamental suppport to what we do.  He is skilled in graphic design and all things IT.




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