Our Winning Formula: "Made in Italy " quality at competitive prices

   Sara Fashionwear is a Premium manufacturer & exporter of high-quality clothing. In an ever-evolving industry, Sara Fashionwear has set the bar for industry innovation and timely delivery. Thanks to our managing team, of Italian Nationality, living in Milano we are able to provide "Made in Italy" quality at competitive prices.

From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. We believe in establishing a long-lasting relationship with our clients, building a strong community based on trust and honesty.

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Experience Sara Fashion

Worldwide Shipping

Priority: on-time. No matter what, your shipment is guaranteed to be timely.

Complex Features

We welcome critical items, rich in embroidery, patchwork and a wide range of other special features.

24/7 Customer Service

No borders or time zones can stop us from being there for our customers.

Small Quantity

We accept a minim order of 1200 pcs per article / 600 pcs per color.

Feel the quality of our products in person!

Brands that Trust in Us

As industry leaders since our founding in 2014, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing products of the highest quality to reknown brands worldwide and boutique Italian firms . We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards. 

The following are brands that we work with or have worked with in the past.